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* Do you want greater PURPOSE, DIRECTION, and FULFILLMENT in all aspects of your life?
* Do you want to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health?
* Do you want more fulfilling relationships with your
significant other, family, and friends?
* Do you want a career that you're passionate about?
* Do you want more aliveness in your life?
If you answered "yes" to any or all of the above, you're in the right place.

Like a life coach, but better: Using the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and other personality wisdom to help you with your personal development and provide you with relationship guidance, career guidance, and more - Jonathan R. Wachtel, life guide and personality expert
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Helping People Better Understand Themselves,

Each Other, And The World Around Them,
Thereby Empowering Them To Improve Their Relationships
And Live More Aware, Willful, And Fulfilling Lives

* Personal Development Guidance
* Dating and Relationship Guidance
* Marriage Guidance
* Couples Workshops
* Family Workshops
* Career Guidance
* Business Guidance
* Success Guidance
* Training for Life Coaches & Others
* And More...

Wish life came with an
instruction manual?

Let me be your guide.

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Everything you want is available to you in this moment.
Learn how to access it.

If you’re considering life coaching, consulting, counseling, or therapy, consider life guidance and experience the results-proven power of the Jonathan R. Wachtel Inspirational Life Guidance System. 

Contact me for a Free Consultation today and learn how to apply this system to create your dream life!

How much is your wellbeing worth to you? 
What would you be willing to give for:

    - Peace of Mind?
    - Personal Empowerment and Control Over Your Life?
    - Harmonious Relationships with Your Significant Other, Family, and Friends?
    - Career Success and Financial Abundance?
    - Happiness and Fulfillment?
    - A Life Full of Reasons to be Expressing Love and Gratitude?
    - Passion and Excitement for Life?
    - Regular Inspiration?
    - The Realization of Your Dreams?

Do you want these to be descriptions of your experience of life?

Are you willing to invest in yourself and in learning how to access the guidance within you to make this your reality?

If your answer to both of these last two questions is "yes", life guidance is for you.

About Life Guide Jonathan R. Wachtel:

- Specializing in the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs personality systems and applying the understanding and awareness they provide of our internal workings toward the aim of your growth and fulfillment and the improvement of all areas of your life.

- Teaching you the wisdom of mindfulness and how to apply the law of attraction, revealing to you your true nature as the creator of your life experience.

- Helping you improve your relationship with yourself so that you can experience the reflection of this in your relationships with everyone and everything around you.

- Empowering you with the awareness of how your internal GPS system functions and how you can use it to shape the life you've always wanted to be living.

"Learning with Jonathan Wachtel for nearly 2 years now, I’ve experienced tremendous leaps in my personal growth and development, awareness about my unique motivations and role in the world, and consciousness about how others experience reality differently from me..." (read more testimonials here)

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